The most efficient way to find real talent among the masses

Integrate our software into your company's recruitment process to make more confident and validated hiring decisions in less time.

A hollistic understanding of every applicant

Background information that actually matters

We get rid of all the information from the CV that applicants may over enhance such as non real technical and soft skills

The way they collaborate and work with others

Collaborative working in cross functional teams is essential nowadays. We make sure we identify this communication traits in applicants

Their real skills, put to the test in a timed environment

Mentis captures applicants technical skills that are normally showcased in portfolios and extra curriculum activities

How does it work?

Step 1

Companies set a challenge for their applicants to solve

Step 2

Applicants are randomly paired and tackle the challenge together in 90 minutes

Step 3

Our tech automatically generates a CM for each applicant

Step 4

Each applicant receives feedback on their performance

Step 5

Companies review the CMs to make an informed and confident decision

Why Mentis?

Fast and simple process

We make life easy for your companies and your applicants. Our process is automatic, and extracts all the necessary info in 90 minutes.

Realtime, true, candidate data

The CM is a meaningful candidate document, driven by real data in real time. Applicants demonstrate how they think and what they can do.

Fostering quality and diversity

We believe in an unbiased system. Mentis levels the playing field giving every candidate the best chance of success regardless of who they are.
Mentis is coming at the right time. Recruitment is shifting towards understanding a candidate's true potential in more effective ways.
Aurea Maestre
Director of HR Iberia
Normally, especially for entry-level candidates, the CV does not reflect a real image. With the CM, you can see how candidates talk and act in a real situation.
Arantxa Sarasola Rubio
Human Connection VP
This is the CV brought to life and it's exactly what we need.
Alicia Teagle
CEO, Socially Responsible Recruitment
The CM gives me the confidence I need to make an informed and validated decision.
Maria de la Peña Gallo
Human Resources Retail Partner
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Is Mentis designed for a specific job level?
Our tool can be used for any job application but it has been specifically designed for entry level jobs. In the words of ING’s Human Connection VP, “Normally, especially for entry-level candidates with less experience, the CV does not reflect a real image of who they are. With the CM, recruiters can see how candidates talk, how they act in a real situation, and how much potential they have.”
How much does the Mentis service cost?
We understand that hiring cycles come and go in phases so in the interest of our customers, we follow a pay-as-you-go pricing model to ensure companies only pay for what they use. Upon requesting a demo, an online appointment with one of our agents will be scheduled to ensure your company has a customized plan tailored to your needs. After completing the demo we will be able to give you the exact cost per challenge and an estimate of our service costs for your company in the long run.
How do you ensure diversity?
Mentis allows anyone to shine, regardless of their background. The CM is anonymized and does not show the applicant’s ethnicity, name or gender. Our tool reduces bias and levels the playing field by giving everyone a chance to show what they can do, without restrictions.
How did you decide what sections to include in the CM?
We developed our tool with Human Resources experts from various companies and included all the information they wished they could know from a candidate. We designed the CM to specifically answer their most frequent questions: how do candidates think? what are their soft skills? how do they work in a team? We then validated the concept with HR directors from ING bank and Mobilize Financial Services and used the insights and feedback for further improvement.
Does the CM offer a good participant experience?
Our software provides an approachable, interactive and engaging experience for your applicants, while being an effective, fast and convenient tool for your company. We asked participants what they felt after taking the challenge and they described the Mentis process as “Very dynamic, interactive and super fun!”. One candidate said “I feel good and excited, I feel I was able to demonstrate my skills” and another said “I felt much more at easy than in an interview and completely forgot I was being assessed”.
Where does Mentis fit in the conventional hiring process?
While we envision a total market shift in the way hiring is performed, we understand this will take time therefore we suggest that Mentis is incorporated into your current process similar to an interview or assessment centre. During our pilot study, the recruiters found it especially helpful alongside the CV to validate its claims with real data.